We are a few weeks into the new year and I have to honestly say I have never been one for resolutions. They usually start out great but as time goes on and the resolution is not attained we beat ourselves up emotionally which defeats the purpose. The concept is also the same when it comes to getting organized. Many people have the best intentions but once they get in over their head they feel frustrated, stressed, disappointed and embarrassed. These tips can help you not only start the process but keep your home organized throughout the year.

Do not make the mistake of trying to organize your whole house in one day. Many people start out motivated and then they get overwhelmed and frustrated and they throw in the towel. Start with a small area and once you see the benefits it will motivate you to tackle another space.

One way to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed is to keep stacks of paper and clutter off the counters. This is one area most people struggle with because once a stack starts it seems to just keep getting bigger. Shred, recycle, file, scan or find a home for an item but don’t keep stacking.

One area that can be overlooked is the vertical space on a shelf, under a sink, or in a pantry. I like to use stackable drawers or these to add storage and drawers for smaller items.

One way to start this process is to go from room to room and gather items that are the same. Examples of this are batteries, office supplies, makeup, bathroom supplies, kids’ toys, etc. Keeping like items together saves time and money.

This may sound simple but can sometimes be difficult when you have more than one person living in a house. Putting things back in my opinion is the key to staying organized.

Drawer inserts and labeled containers are a simple way to keep items organized. If everything has a home it makes it easy to find what you need and will ensure you only buy what you have room to store.

Follow these simple tips and start enjoying a home that is simplified, organized, and stress-free all year long. Happy New Year!

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5 Reasons to Label Containers

How many times have you found yourself looking for something and finally gave up and a week later when you were looking for something else you found it? How many times do you say “I was looking for that?” If you answered yes to either question read below for the five reasons labeling will help you get organized and stay organized.

Saves Time

The first and most important reason is time. You will no longer be searching for items instead you will create a system that simply consists of storing like items together and labeling containers.

It’s Inexpensive

There are so many label makers available that are reasonably priced. You can choose a more high-tech version that is Bluetooth enabled or a basic option that is perfect for daily use and easy to use. Trust me once you own one you will wonder how you lived without it.


Creates a System 

When you keep items organized and labeled it will not only make life easier for you but will create a system that will help the entire family. Use clear labeled containers to store art supplies, toys, school supplies, and office products on a shelf. It is a simple inexpensive way to keep your family organized.

Keeps you Organized

As an organizer I’m often asked once I get organized how can I stay organized. This is where labeling is essential because it will help you stay organized and prevent your space from becoming cluttered. Labeling makes everyday life a bit easier when you can find what you are looking for in your home.

Saves Money

Labeling is a foolproof way to save money. When you label containers it allows you to quickly see what you own before buying more of the same item which saves you money!


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The Organizers Mothers Day Gift Guide

It’s been a while since my last blog post so I’m excited to be back and share some of my favorite gift ideas for Mothers Day. These are all items I own and love and maybe your mom will too!

T3 Hot RollersThese are a great gift for Mom especially now that Hot Rollers have made a big comeback this year. She will love how easy they are to use and how much curl she will get without the damage that comes from some styling tools. If she needs a tutorial on how to use them check out my YouTube video on how I style my hair with Hot Rollers.

The Container Store Gift CardIf your Mom loves to be organized this is the perfect gift. This one gift card covers every room in the house and she can order online and have items shipped if she doesn’t live near a Container Store.

iDesign/Sarah Tanno Cosmetic Organizer – I recently spoke about these on Instagram and if your Mom loves makeup these are the best makeup organizers. They were created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Sarah Tanno so the products are amazing. They are exclusively sold on Amazon so you don’t have to worry about it arriving on time!

Black + Decker Dustbuster – I had a client who owned this handheld vacuum and she had me try it and I was hooked. I loved it so much I went home and ordered my own! I keep it on the counter so I can grab it for quick cleanups, cleaning out my car, and pet hair from our new puppy. This is a gift she will love!

P-touch Cube Plus Label MakerLabel makers are not just for organizers. This label maker is a favorite because it is so easy to use. There are different tape sizes, colors, and font options and it’s Bluetooth which makes it easy to take from room to room. Once mom owns this she will wonder how she managed without it.

Cordless Wine OpenerThis is a great gift if your mom loves wine. This opener is cordless and simple to use with the press of a button. The design is modern and sleek so it looks good sitting on a counter.

Kitsch Hair Drying ScrunchieI bought these with the thought I would be returning them because my hair is so thick it’s hard to find items to hold it. I was wrong! These not only hold my hair but are made of microfiber material that absorbs water so they are great when your hair is wet. Moms love scrunchies so she will love this new updated version!

Theragun MiniThis is another item I have been using a lot since I gave it to my husband for Christmas LOL. He is always asking me “where is my Theragun?” If your mom works on a computer all day, is an athlete or just needs self-care at the end of the day this is the best gift. It is also portable so she can bring it with her when she travels.

Little Words Project Bracelets My daughter gave me, her grandmother, and her sister these bracelets, and each one had a different words of inspiration. Mine says Have Hope and during this past year, it has been something I wear often and cherish. You can customize your bracelet or choose from many different inspirational words. Get one or more if you want to stack them. It’s an affordable gift from a female-owned company with an inspirational message for all women.

SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF Serum – This anti-aging antioxidant is a recent find that I love! If your Mom suffers from Maskne or sun damage this new product from SkinCeuticals is a serious game-changer. It has so many good things wrapped up in one bottle. It is pricey but it has replaced multiple products I use to use and simplified my skincare routine.

Tom Ford SunglassesThese were a great find at Nordstrom Rack. I’m a big fan of Tom Ford and when I saw these sunglasses discounted I had to hit the add to cart button. If your mom needs a new pair of sunglasses these are a great gift.

Studio 54 BookDid your mom grow up in the seventies? If she did she will love this coffee table book. It tells the story of the legendary disco Studio 54 by the original co-owner Ian Schrager. The pictures and stories bring you back to a place that defined an era of dancing, celebrities, and glam.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.