Simple Tips To Organize The Playroom

Now that the holidays are over many parents seem to be overwhelmed by the amount of toys they have acquired and what to do with all of them.

This month on River City Live we have introduced a new segment called To The Rescue.

People send in photos from areas in their home that need a little help starting the new year clutter free and organized.

This weeks photo was from a Mom overwhelmed by all of the toys that have accumulated in her house. She wanted some help on where to begin and how to organize them.

Click the link below for the before photo and simple tips to clear the clutter and some of my favorite things when organizing the kids.

Tips to motivate a quick clean up:

  • Purge Toys can gather quickly if you don’t purge on a regular basis. If you don’t get rid of some things you are just organizing clutter.
  • Gather like things together This is going to make life so much easier especially when it comes to kids toys. Barbies mixed with airplanes are a recipe for disaster.
  • Organize Choose the right containers for little hands. Make clean up easy so it becomes a habit for young children.
  • Label Containers This is helpful because it teaches children that everything has a place. When they take it out they know where to put it back. If they can’t read yet cut out pictures as labels.

Stay tuned for future To The Rescue segments!

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