Get Rid of the Negativity and Start to Love Your Closet

You’re probably thinking the word love is a bit strong when talking about closets but our closets reflect who we were, who we hope to be, and who we are right now. We spend so much time looking at our clothes and thinking negative thoughts but don’t let go of the items that make us feel bad. Do any of these sound familiar?

I wish I could lose weight

I wish I was young again

I use to be so skinny

I paid so much money for that but I don’t like it or wear it

Maybe one day I can fit into that again

I can’t wear skirts my legs are terrible

Why did I buy that?

This color looks awful on me

I feel so uncomfortable when I wear this 

I hate everything in my closet and would love to start over

I am probably forgetting a few but I think you get my point. If you have said any of these things to yourself you are not alone and this is why I am so passionate about purging. My goal when organizing closets is to help purge and create a closet for who you are in your life today.

The size of a closet doesn’t matter, whether big or small when you look in your closet it should bring feelings of calm and have only clothes you love and make you feel good when you wear them. Turn off the negative thoughts and start creating a closet you will love.

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