Simple Tips To Set Up A Home Office

I have always worked from home so the office is one of my favorite spaces to organize. Now with the current health situation, more people are having to work from home so I wanted to share simple tips to get your space set up, organized and help you be more productive at home.

I usually start by establishing a workspace that is calm and stress-free but I know that may be impossible with kids home from school or if you live in a small space. You don’t need a dedicated room for an office it’s more important to designate an area and for many of you, this is a temporary situation so you might be using the kitchen table. Definitely not ideal but my goal is to help you establish a routine and get organized. I recommend when setting up an office to purge what you don’t need and what does not belong in an office, sort like items, keep the space simple and set up a system that works for you. What works for one person may not work for another so find out how you work best and implement it. Here are a few simple tips I recommend when setting up and organizing a home office.

I know this sounds obvious but you have no idea how many homes I go into and they do not own a shredder and the paper clutter is out of control. Open the mail and shred immediately all those credit card applications and anything else that you don’t need. Keep countertops free of paper clutter by spending a few minutes each day shredding or recycling paper that is no longer needed.

Drawer Organizers
If you want to keep an office drawer neat and organized invest in a drawer organizer. It will save you frustration, aggravation and time when searching for items. There are many different types but this is one of my favorites because it keeps all the essentials in one organizer.

Office Drawer Essentials
Stapler, pens, pencils, scissors, paperclips, post-it notes and tape are some of the everyday essentials to keep in an office drawer. Corral all office supplies in one area so you know what you own it will save time and money. No more searching for the paperclips or scissors and repurchasing what you already own.

Desk Top Collator
I love having a collator on my desk to keep everyday files at my fingertips. Label folders and keep papers you need to sign, bills to pay, orders placed, etc. It is definitely an everyday essential I use in my office.

Note Pad
I love notebooks and notepads for jotting down notes and making lists. Although we all have phones to keep notes sometimes it is just easier to write it down.

File System
Whether it’s a desktop file, scanning papers and sorting into computer files or investing in a file cabinet choose what works best in your space. This file cabinet is on wheels so you can move it from room to room or store it in a closet when you are not using it.

Label Maker
There are many different options and price points when it comes to choosing a label maker. You can use it to label files, boxes or containers the ideas are endless. Once you own a label maker you will wonder how you lived without it!

Boxes and Containers
Use the vertical space on shelves for stacking labeled boxes or containers. Keep seldom-used items or backstock in containers for easy access. 

This is going to be the new normal for a while so it is important to establish a new routine that will minimize paper clutter, save time and simplify your life. Keep checking back to get tips to get purge and organize your home!











5 Tips to Clear The Paper Clutter

Many people think because we are in a digital age that paper clutter no longer exists but that is simply not true. We still receive junk mail, receipts, papers to sign, bills to pay, and items to be filed.

How do you feel every time you walk by a stack of papers that just keep piling up? Did you promise yourself last weekend that you were going to tackle it but it never happened? Do you start to add something to the pile and think to yourself I really have to do something about this it’s causing me stress, anxiety, and guilt? Do you wonder why you can spend hours on Pinterest but cannot make a dent in the paper clutter?

You are not alone but now is the time especially before tax season to tackle the paper clutter and get organized with these simple tips and some of my favorite things.

GATHER ALL PAPERS IN ONE AREA  The reason piles begin and get out of hand is they are not in one central location. Set up a designated space for a small office. It doesn’t have to be an entire room just an area to keep office essentials neat and organized.

SHRED OLD PAPERWORK  Invest in a shredder! Open mail where the shredder is located and shred anything you don’t need. That includes all of the multiple credit card applications you receive on a daily basis and any other junk mail. It can be tedious but shredding all old paperwork can also be a freeing experience when you are done. If you have too much to shred put it in a box and take it to a local office supply store or UPS store and they can shred it for you!

SORT Now that you have everything in a central location and old paperwork is shredded or recycled it’s time to sort. The easiest way to do this is to think in categories for example Insurance, Auto, Home, Bills to Pay, Health, etc. Making easy to read labels not only helps you but helps other people in your family if there is an emergency.

SCAN AND FILE  Most printers come with a scanner but even if you don’t have one there are apps like Scanner for Me and Scannable that work great and make scanning and filing a breeze.

COLLATOR  If you want to keep important files at your fingertips invest in a collator. I have talked about this one on Instagram and in this previous blog. It not only keeps you organized but looks great on a desktop or credenza.

Once you have simplified and organized your paperwork you will realize how much better you feel. Clutter causes stress and anxiety and implementing systems prevents future clutter.


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A New Golden Rule to Update Your Office

Oskar Storage Box | Charging Cable | Collator | Gold Paper Clips | White Printer | Scissors | Stapler | Desk Tray | Mouse | File Cabinets | File Folders | Pens

Are you looking to spruce up an existing office or design a new one? Start with a color scheme that is calming and relaxing and has your sense of style. One of my personal favorite color combinations right now is white and gold.

It’s simple, clean and a bit modern when you add a touch of gold.

Here are some simple tips to get you started. Don’t forget to click on the links above for some of my favorite office essentials.

Purge anything that does not belong in an office.

Paint to give it a brand new look.

Plan before you buy.

Please keep it simple.

Make your workspace a stress free environment and see how much more productive you become at home and at work.