Getting started is simple.

We take a look at the space(s) that need attention and learn more about your needs and goals for your home and lifestyle. We then schedule an appointment to begin clearing the clutter.
Below are some of the many services offered:

  • Home Organization

    We'll help you get your entire space organized and optimized.

    • Closets, kitchens, pantries, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, baby and children’s rooms, hobby rooms, mudrooms, garages, outdoor spaces, storage units
    • Establish efficient entryway habits
    • Set up home office and business office systems
    • Prepare your home for sale or staging
  • Assistance with Life Transitions

    Moving? Let us help you get organized and ready.

    • Pack and unpack for a move
    • Combine households
    • Downsize home(s)
  • Virtual Organizing

    Let's consult on your project online!

    • Neatly Designed is available for virtual organizing.
    • Motivate and provide one on one information to complete DIY organizing projects
    • Please contact for more information.
  • Travel Services

    We're also available to travel nationally.

    Looking to get organized but don’t live in Jacksonville? Neatly Designed will travel to you. Email to discuss how we can address your needs.

  • Public Speaking

    Motivation to get organized.

    • Motivate and inspire groups and businesses to clear the clutter
    • Schools, civic clubs and volunteer organizations
  • Other bright ideas?

    Don't see a service listed here?
    Get in touch - we can help!

    Have an idea for how we can work together? Email