5 Tips To Simplify Your Linen Closet

The linen closet is a great way to start the clutter clearing process. People are generally not emotionally attached to items in a linen closet and it doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve amazing results.

Follow these five tips to simplify and organize your linen closet.

Remove Everything

The only way to tackle any organizing project is to start from scratch. If you organize around your items you are just shuffling clutter. You hear me say it often but you really do have to remove everything if you want to get the job done.


Now that everything is out of the space get rid of old linens that are ripped or torn, mismatched towels, old blankets and pillows that are never used and items that don’t belong in a linen closet. The Humane Society, your groomer and veterinarian would love to take your old towels and by donating them it will make you feel better about letting go.

Group Like Things Together

I say this all the time but it’s something that I know works. Group first aid, sheets, towels, travel, hair care and any other like items you want to keep in the linen closet. Grouping like items will save you time and money. No more searching for items or spending money on things you already own.

Invest in Baskets or Containers 

Once you have purged measure the area and find containers that work for your space. Baskets or lidded containers work well in linen closets but whatever you choose don’t forget to label. If you can’t see it you don’t know you own it.

Keep It Simple

When you are clearing the clutter and organizing always remember to keep it simple. Keep only what you need, use and love let the rest go.

You don’t need to tackle an entire house in order to begin getting organized. Every time you purge a space and enjoy your hard work it will motivate you to move on to another area in your home.

Start small but start somewhere!


8 Ways Clutter Affects You and Your Family

As an organizer I have seen first hand how a disorganized environment can wreak havoc on a family. Many people minimize how clutter not only affects you but the people around you.

My mission is to motivate and inspire people to clear the clutter and help them enjoy a simpler life.

These are eight ways clutter can affect your life. Do any of these sound familiar?


Has your bedroom become a storage area for items that don’t have a place anywhere else in the home? It is difficult to have a romantic relationship when your bedroom is full of clutter? Remove toys, unused exercise equipment, school projects, pictures that were never hung and piles of paperwork.

In my opinion your bedroom should be a place that you look forward to coming home to at the end of a busy day. A place for peace, solitude and romance. Clutter breeds the exact opposite and the master bedroom should be one of the first areas in your home where serenity begins. Once you have purged and you are enjoying your new space it will encourage you to move on to others areas in your home.


Kids learn by example. Once the environment is free of clutter you will be surprised the positive affects it will have on your family. Children actually enjoy knowing that everything has a place and being organized teaches them skills they will need in their adult life.

Time for Yourself

This is one that people don’t realize until I point it out. When you elevate clutter it gives you time to do the things you enjoy without feeling guilty. Making time for yourself needs to be scheduled like anything else on your calendar to ensure it will be done.


Clutter causes depression! When you clear the clutter and simplify your life you feel motivated and inspired. No one can honestly say they enjoy a cluttered house. Start with one area in your home and you will feel the difference every time you pass by what was once a cluttered room.


When clutter is out of control people feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. If you have reached  this stage and you are feeling overwhelmed don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional organizer. Sometimes all you need is a little help to get the process started.

Feeling Defeated

When you live in a house full of clutter one of the feelings that always surfaces is the feeling of failure. I should be able to do this myself, what is wrong with me? My answer is NOTHING! People start out with the best intentions and then life, work, kids and school take over. Make purging a priority and keep your surroundings simple!

Over Buying

How often do you hear yourself say “I was looking for that”.  How much money do you spend on buying more of what you already own because you couldn’t find something or see it? Simplifying, keeping like things together and having a place for everything will prevent clutter and over buying.

Health Issues

Living in a house with clutter can affect a persons health and most people don’t realize it until the clutter is gone. It can create dust, mites, bugs, mildew, trigger asthma and cause sinus problems and allergies. When you clean around clutter you are not really cleaning. The things you own should never be more important than the surroundings you are living in.

Clearing the clutter and getting organized will eliminate stress for you and your family and the results will be life changing!



Tips to Clear the Clutter When The Nest Is Empty

Are you an empty nester or about to be one soon?

Many parents feel that once their children have moved on to the next chapter of their lives they are obligated to keep everything exactly how it was including childhood memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Parents feel guilt when they want to change the space to an area in their home they can enjoy.

When the kids leave they generally leave behind what they don’t want. It is up to you to purge and refresh the space and make it a place both you and your adult child will enjoy.

Purge, Sort and Label Memorabilia

Invest in clear containers, purge items that you no longer need, sort what you are keeping and label the container so you will know what you have.

Update the Room With a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint will make the space feel new and even your adult child will appreciate a bit of sprucing.

Purge the Closet and Use the Space as Extra Storage

Remove everything out of the closet and only put back what your child will need and utilize when they are home. Use the remainder of the space to store travel items or off season winter clothing. Make use of the space don’t memorialize it!

Purge the Bathroom and Keep Just the Essential Items

Once they are off to school it is a good time to do a thorough cleaning by removing expired items including medications and keep only the basic essentials they will need when they come home.

Invest in New Linens

If you are going to going to keep the room as a bedroom invest in new linens in a neutral color. You can add a desk and utilize the space as a small home office.

Instead of looking at this time in your life as empty look at it as a new beginning. Take the time to purge and make the necessary changes for yourself and your home.