How To Downsize In 10 Easy Steps

Downsizing, just the word can sound scary. Going through each room and thinking to yourself how am I going to fit all of this into my new place? Where do I begin? It doesn’t take a mathematician to know you cannot fit the same amount of items from a large house into a much smaller space without getting rid of things you do not need or use. As an organizer, my job is to come in and make the process as stress-free and seamless as possible. These are a few of my tips to begin the downsizing process.

Start Early
When clients hire me to help them downsize the first thing I suggest is to start early. The immediate reaction I get is panic which is exactly what preparing early will avoid. If you wait until the last minute to begin it will cause stress, frustration and you will feel that nothing is getting accomplished. It’s never to early to get your move ready and organized.

Purge on the Front End 
I’m often asked when I help a client downsize should I purge now or wait until I move into my new home? Always in my opinion purge before you move! You don’t want to start in a new home with things you don’t need, use or love. Leave those items behind and start a new beginning by simplifying your new space.

Keep Lists
This one tip is a lifesaver. Keeping lists in a notebook or on your phone will enable you to check off what you have completed and also see what still needs to get done.

Hire A Professional
Sometimes when people are downsizing they are saying goodbye to a home filled with years of memories and it can be a difficult task. Hiring a professional will guide you through the process and help you decide what to keep and what to let go. A family member may be as emotional as you and it can become counterproductive if they pick up each item you have decided to get rid of and ask  the dreaded question “you’re not getting rid of that are you?” Hire professionals who will make the transition easier not more difficult.

Find An Appraiser
If you feel you have valuable art or antiques find an appraiser in your area to let you know the value of an item and if it’s worth keeping and moving.

Keep, Toss, Donate
Keep, toss and donate are three words that sound simple but can be very difficult. Start by designating an area in your home for all the items you want to keep. Toss the items you can’t donate and try to coordinate that task before garbage day. I recommend scheduling donation pickups at least once a week before you move. It will motivate you to start the process and remove items you no longer want so that you can focus on what you are taking with you. If you don’t need the appointments you can always cancel them. Use Post-it notes to label items that you are donating, moving or giving to friends and family that includes art, lamps, and furniture. It is so simple and definitely alleviates some of the stress especially weeks leading up to the move.

Take Photos
Now that we are in the digital world it is easy to sell items online. Take photos of items you want to sell and also the items you want to move. Compare the cost of shipping or moving an item to your new location vs. selling or donating. Now is the time to decide what you will do with the furniture items you no longer want to keep.

Downsize Your Books
Books take up a lot of space in a home but especially in a smaller home. Keep the ones you love and donate the rest to a library or homeless shelter.

Relax and Settle In
Once you have moved and unpacked relax and live in the space for a while. You may have more items to purge and I suggest getting into a normal routine so you know what organizing items you need to buy. Do you need more storage under the sink? Drawer organizers in the bathroom? Living in a space for a few weeks allows you the time to make lists and figure out what you need in order to call your new place home.

Don’t Forget About The Storage Unit
When you are downsizing the whole point is to purge the past and start a new future. If you are still holding onto storage units that you never go to and you have no idea what is in them you really haven’t completed the job. You will save money, feel less guilt and stress by finally letting go of the storage unit or units!

One thing I hear from many clients that have downsized is how freeing it was to purge their lives of all of the things they thought they would use, and never did, and stored for many years. Their life is much simpler. They have less maintenance, fewer taxes, less to insure and more leisure time to enjoy the things they like to do. I look at downsizing as the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life. 

Organize Your Dorm with Neatly Designed and Amazon Prime

1. Mini Fridge  2. Power Strip  3. Drawer Organizer  4. Jewelry Organizer  5. Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer  6. Steamer  7. 3 Drawer Organizer  8. Printer  9. Light Up Vanity Mirror  10. Hangers 11. Drawer Storage

Are you getting ready to go to college and need help getting organized? Small spaces can be a challenge, especially in a dorm room. These are some of my favorites on Amazon Prime which means fast delivery.

A Mini-Fridge is first on my list because it’s nice to have a place to keep some of your favorite foods. It also has a hidden handle so it’s easy to carry which you will appreciate when the elevators are crowded and you have to take the stairs. A power strip is essential when sharing a space with limited outlets. This one allows you to charge multiple devices with USB ports and traditional outlets. These drawer inserts are inexpensive and will keep drawers neat and organized which can be a challenge when you live in a dorm. This jewelry organizer looks great, allows easy access and keeps necklaces tangle-free.

I always remind people to use the back of the doors when living in small spaces. This shoe organizer will give you added storage for shoes and more room in your closet. A steamer can be a lifesaver when you need to quickly get the wrinkles out. It stores easily and is lightweight. This is great to store makeup, hair accessories, dental, contacts or any other items you want to keep organized with easy access.

This printer is a favorite not only because it is inexpensive but it looks great sitting on a dorm room desk. A makeup mirror is important when sharing bathroom space with others. This is lighted and has an area to keep all of your makeup essentials. These hangers really do make a difference when it comes to saving space. Small closets will look larger and organized by using matching hangers. Extra drawer space is a premium in small spaces and this is easy to assemble and gives you the added drawers under your short hanging or in a room. It’s also easy to move and use again in your new space.

Dorm living can be an adjustment but if you keep it simple and make it your own with some of your favorite things you will be surprised how quickly you adjust! If you want to see more of my favorites visit my storefront on Amazon.

Favorites to Organize the Kitchen and Bath

Today I want to share some of the products I use to organize the kitchen, pantry, and bath.  My go-to items are usually clear containers and various types of lazy susans. They allow you to see what you own which prevents overbuying and saves money! Before you start any project purge items you no longer need, use, love or have room to store. Sort like items and measure the space before you purchase anything! Containers can quickly become clutter so its important to find products that fit the space properly. 

Lidded Storage Container
These containers are a favorite because they can be used to store so many different items and they stack to make use of valuable vertical space in the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and playroom. Useful for first aid, crayons, markers, kids toys, school supplies or any other small items you want to keep organized.

Drawer Inserts
In my opinion, every drawer would benefit from an insert. They keep drawers organized and ensure everything has a home. When you take something out you will have a place to put it back. Small things can make a big difference when it comes to staying organized. 

Deep Storage Bins
Shelves come in many different depths and that is why I love these deep storage bins. They fit perfectly on deeper shelves and keep pantries and refrigerators neat and organized. The handles provide easy access and are clear so you can easily see what is being stored.

Divided Lazy Susans
This is a favorite because it is has dividers and higher sides which are great for keeping cleaning supplies, lotions, and hair care products organized under the sink. They also work well in pantries and refrigerators to keep food items organized. The ideas are endless and once you have used one you will wonder how you lived without it.

Spice Rack
How can something so simple and inexpensive work so well to keep you organized? Keeping spices all in one place not only makes preparing meals easier but will save time looking for that one spice you knew you bought but couldn’t find.

Lazy Susan Turntable
As you can see there are many options when it comes to choosing a lazy susan and this is another one of my favorites. Turn hard to reach corners in cabinets into usable space with a simple turntable. Keep baking essentials, canned goods, oils, vitamins or anything that you need easy access to on a regular basis.

 Medicine Cabinet Organizer
Medicine cabinets can become cluttered quickly and adding an organizer helps keep your daily essentials organized. This is a favorite because of the added drawer which is perfect for qtips and cotton pads.

These are just a few of my favorites that are not only functional but look great too! Remember you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get organized. If you want to see more of my favorites and get ideas on getting organized go to my Amazon Storefront.