Before & After Bathroom Closet

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This week’s before and after is a kids bathroom closet that was shared by four children.

The closet was jammed full of items that did not belong in a bathroom and with things that were no longer needed. This project is a great example of why it’s important to purge then organize.

Once the clutter was cleared there was plenty of shelf space for new towels, organized labeled containers and all other bathroom essentials.

Clear labeled containers are an easy way to teach children organization at a young age. They can see and read what is in the container take out what they need and put it back where it belongs.

This closet had become a source of frustration for Mom and the kids.

It’s not always a matter of enough space, it’s about having too much stuff!

Make Better Use Of Your Cabinet Space

One way to make the most use of the space on your shelves and in your cabinets is to be able to see everything. When you can see what you have it prevents over buying and clutter.

Here is a simple solution to  this problem. Install pull out drawers inside your cabinets and shelves. These drawers will keep bathrooms, kitchens, pantries and closets organized.

IMG_1064 can purchase them at any home improvement store and install them yourself or there are companies like Shelf Genie that will come and install them for you.

A simple change can make a big difference on getting organized and staying organized.

Image credit: Decor Pad / Neatly Designed / Kathryn Scott Design / BHG / Shelf Genie

Five Simple Steps To Organize Your Makeup


Makeup is one area in the bathroom that can get cluttered quickly. We all want to try a new foundation or concealer but what happens to the old one that you never use? If you keep buying more and never get rid of any you will spend unnecessary time searching through all your makeup for that one lipstick or blush at the bottom of an endless pile.

Here are a few simple steps to organize your makeup.

  • Throw out anything that has expired or you never use. Just because something costs a lot of money does not mean you have to keep it.
  • Separate your makeup into categories so you see what you have. It will prevent you from overbuying.
  • Use drawer organizers. These acrylic drawer organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond come in different sizes to customize any drawer.
  • Simplify your daytime makeup routine. This 4 Minute Makeup Video from Maskcara is one of my favorites.
  • Free gifts with purchase are nice but if you don’t need them give them away.

Uncluttering a makeup area will simplify the process of getting ready by having just what you need at your fingertips.

Makeup images via Neatly Designed