The Simple Solutions To Get Organized want to start this off by saying I love books on organizing. I think if you take away just one thing from the book it was worth purchasing.

Of course there is a but, the one thing I hear repeatedly is I bought a book on organizing but I haven’t had time to read it.

People have the best intentions but when it comes to getting organized motivation not intention is what will help you reach your goal.

If your really serious and can’t start on your own get the help of a professional or a very organized friend.

The secret to getting organized is very simple. Take the time, make the effort and get it done!

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Simple Solutions…Clear The Container Clutter

crate & barrel storagecrate and barrel2

3-piece-rectangular-storage-container-set (1)Food storage containers are a necessity in the kitchen but for some reason they are over bought and over stuffed into drawers and cabinets.

How many do you really need? Here are tips to pare down storage containers in the kitchen.

If the containers are:

-Warped and cannot close

-Missing a lid


-Too many to fit reasonably in a drawer or cabinet

Go through your containers this weekend and clear the container clutter. You will be amazed how much space you will gain from this one simple project.

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The Simple Rule That Will Prevent Clutter

one comes in one goes outEveryone always asks me for the secret to an uncluttered home. There are multiple things you can do to prevent clutter from piling up but the most important rule is when one comes in one goes out.

How many spatulas do you really need? Keep a couple and donate the rest. How many makeup and beauty products do you buy without getting rid of those that you never use?

One comes in one goes out is the easiest way to make sure you do not accumulate too much of one thing. Whether it is clothes, towels or toys this rule keeps your home free of clutter.