Need A Simple Stress Free Gift Idea?

One of my favorite gifts to give especially during the holidays is a bottle of wine or champagne. A simple gift idea stock up on a few of your favorite bottles, some wine tags and bags and you have the perfect gift.

I use personalized wine tags because it makes gift giving easier and around the holidays we all could all use ideas to make life less stressful. I order one set for year round gift giving and one for the holidays and with of course keep it with all of my other gift wrap. I’m all about keeping like things together so you can find what you need when you need it!

If you are still searching for a simple gift I hope this solves your problem. You can’t get much easier than this and it’s a gift they are sure to love. Now is the time to stock up on your personalized tags Merrimade is offering 20% off and free shipping through December 12th.

Get Organized Before The Holidays Begin

December 1st is tomorrow and if you haven’t started getting organized for the holidays you still have plenty of time. These are a few of my tips to make your holidays less stressful and more enjoyable.

Make Lists
Keeping a list is something I do all year long because it makes life easier when you see what you have completed and what you still need to accomplish. Whether you use an app like this or keep your lists in a notebook or notepad it really doesn’t matter as long as you can check items off and add to it throughout the day.

Keep All Gift Wrap Together
Purge your gift wrap including bows, bags, ribbon and tissue paper from last year. Make a list of what you are missing and only buy what you need. Keep all your gifts and giftwrap together it will save you time, money and last minute panic when you are searching for something to give that person you forgot to put on your list!

Gift Cards
Buy early and in different denominations so you have an easy gift for teachers, assistants, shampoo person, mail person, stocking stuffers etc. Gift cards are the perfect gift for everyone!

Holidays Treats
Stock up on a few holiday treats to grab for last minute housewarming gift and gifts for kids. Everyone loves something sweet around the holidays!

Tags, Scissors, Pens, Tape
Keep all of the items you need to wrap a gift in one labeled container. Tape, scissors, tags and pens are the essentials you need and by keeping them all together in a labeled container it will save you time and frustration when looking for the red pen or scissors. In my house I often here my kids and husband say who has the box when they are ready to wrap a gift! It just makes life easier!

Storage Containers
Do not wait until after Christmas to buy the containers you need to store holiday items. The shelves will be empty and all your holiday items will remain in the guest room or garage floor taking up space. Keep the receipt and return what you don’t use. You will be glad you labeled those containers when next year rolls around.

Want more tips? Watch todays segment on River City Live

Gift Wrap| Scissors | Clear Containers


Simplify and Organize Your Wardrobe

J.Crew is one of my favorite stores to buy classic, timeless clothes that I can wear season after season. I was so pleased to be asked to share my tips to simplify and organize your closet at their pre holiday event. What are some of my tips to simplify your wardrobe?

Purge. Donate or consign any items that you don’t wear, make you feel good about yourself when wearing it and any “what if” clothes. We all own those type of clothes and keeping them is a constant reminder of what you used to be or wish you were and it’s not living in the present.

Stick to neutrals when buying basics. If you want to simplify your wardrobe the easiest thing to do is buy classic styles in neutral colors. Black denim is a perfect example of a closet staple. These can be dressed up or down and are so comfortable because they have a bit of stretch. Wear pops of color in your shoes and accessories such as scarves, jewelry, bags and belts.

Keep like items and colors together. This is important not only so you can see what you own but will prevent you from buying more of the same style and color.

Invest in one trendy item. Most of us like to indulge in the seasons latest trend but buying too much can lead to clutter in a closet. I love this sweater not only because this print is one of my favorites but it will also be perfect to wear on Sunday game day in Jacksonville.

Once you have simplified your wardrobe invest in closet accessories to keep you organized. The first place to start is change your hangers! Sounds simple but often overlooked and it will transform your closet. These are a few of my go to items when organizing a closet.

Huggable Hangers


Acrylic Collator

 Shelf Dividers

J.Crew Sweater | Black Denim | Bracelet | Makeup Pouch