Why is it so hard to let go?

The two words LETTING GO hold so much emotion in so many different ways. My job as an organizer is to help people let go of clutter which sometimes can be a difficult task. Many clients tell me when we are working together this is really hard and my response is “it’s not easy while you are doing it but when we are done you are going to be so happy you let go of the things you no longer need, use or love.”

How many times have you feared…

Letting go of things you no longer need or use

Letting go of past relationships

Letting go of places you have lived whether it’s a home or a town

Letting go of your grown children to make their own decisions or mistakes

Letting go of control over the things you can’t control

Letting go of what use to be

These are all related to change and change can be scary especially when you are going through it, but after you have reached the other side you can appreciate how important it is to just let go and see that the result has its rewards.

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