What Would Betty Drapers’s Closet Look Like?

article-2095132-0AD36CAB000005DC-859_306x4319e7b497d0ed588b9f0d2fd211c63944eHollywood-Glam-Dressing-RoomCustom-closet-island-jewelry-drawers-closet-factoryf3d047321e62a53862f8407e0c664b0amarymcdonalda7e507fc4c7d46a7db8a7ba6c0eb318eI love the show Mad Men and I am so disappointed this will be the last season. One of the big draws to the show beside the incredibly handsome Don Draper is the period it is shot in and the fantastic wardrobes. Betty Draper was at her miserable best when she was married to Don but now that she is with Henry she has taken her “mommy dearest” roll and her wardrobe to the next level. She is every bit the perfect politicians wife and I often wonder what her closet would look like.

I picture a vanity  where she is applying make up and checking to see if every hair is in place. I can envision her sitting in her chaise lounge talking on the phone with a cigarette in her hand. There would be mirrors everywhere so she could catch her reflection at all angles. She would have multiple ways to store all of her jewelry especially her pearls and an amazing chandelier so the lighting would be just right. Fresh flowers would be arranged perfectly on her vanity next to a sterling silver brush set.  Her hats would be stored in boxes and handbags in a neat row.

I am sure we would all agree this closet would be a no kids zone unless they were summoned by “Betty Dearest”.

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