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Welcome to my first blog post. I thought I would share with you the top 10 things that would help you get to know a few things about me.

1. I am a wife and a Mom to two amazing daughters. For some reason when they were babies I did not realize they would grow up to be teenagers. Life is never dull!

2. As a professional organizer, I absolutely have found my calling in life. I love the feeling I get when I leave a clients home and I know that I have really made a difference in someones life.

3. I live at the beach in North Florida so everyday feels like a vacation.

4. I grew up in Miami Florida. You can take the girl out of Miami but you cannot take Miami out of the girl.

5. My pre teen crush was Donny Osmond (see above photo).

6. I am a hair fanatic! Nothing makes me happier than a great blow out.

7. I am a beauty junkie.  There is nothing I have not tried or I am willing to try.  You will see many postings on my beauty addiction.

8. I am an alumni of  TCU in Ft. Worth Texas and so if you hear me mention horned frogs no need for alarm that was our mascot!

9. I have a miniature Australian Shepherd name Chili that I adore.  I am sure you will be seeing many pictures of her.

10. I just turned 50 in August and to be honest  I was kicking and screaming up to the very day but now I feel totally content and so glad to be exactly where I am in my life.

Thanks for joining me on my latest journey!


Welcome to the Neatly Designed blog, where I share my favorite organization tips, and must-have organizing products.


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