Is Your Closet Living In A Different Decade?

The key to keeping any closet uncluttered is to get rid of the clothes from the life you no longer live. I had client who was in the corporate world and then married and had kids and became a full time Mom. She no longer wore suits but she kept saying “one day I may go back to work and what if I need them?”The reality is she won’t be wearing ten year old suits.

Keeping clothes that you no longer need or want take up valuable drawer and closet space.  Items in a closet can hold emotions and memories for people of a life when they were thinner, happier and younger.

70s-disco-fashion-295Are you holding onto polyester shirts and gaucho pants from the 70’s?80s-Shoulder-Pads www.thegreat80s.comWhat about all of the clothes you bought in the 80’s with shoulder pads?90s-tv-shows-friendscrossroadstrding.comOf course we cannot forget the 90’s and the acid wash denim and “mom” jeans.

By holding onto clothes from your past you are not living in the present. Letting go emotionally frees you to enjoy what you love and wear. Wherever you are stashing those outdated clothes do a good deed this week and donate them.


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