Tips To Store Your Holiday Decorations

Every year the day after Christmas I take down my decorations. I know to many this is too soon but for me it signals the start of a new year and getting back to normalcy after a busy holiday season. It doesn’t matter when you take them down as long as you have a plan on how you will be storing them. The simplest way to tackle this project is set aside the time to complete the entire task. Starting something and not finishing leads to clutter and stress. The new year is a few days away and now is the perfect time to get your home organized by properly storing your holiday decorations.

SORT ORNAMENTS BY COLOR  Sorting ornaments by color allows you to label the boxes for easy access the following year. I like to choose a color theme every year and labeling them makes it easy to see what I own before I start to decorate.

LABEL ALL CONTAINERS  The easiest way to take down decorations in your home is to label storage containers by the area in your home. Example: garland for stairs, wreath above fireplace, outdoor garland, etc. Labeling everything will save you time and frustration.

SIMPLIFY FOR NEXT YEAR  Purging after the holiday saves you a step next year. If you did not use it, do not like it, don’t have room to store it or is broken now is the time to let it go.

The task of cleaning up after the holidays does not have to be something you dread instead look at it as the beginning of a peaceful, stress free simplified New Year.

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