Tips to Clear the Clutter When The Nest Is Empty

Are you an empty nester or about to be one soon?

Many parents feel that once their children have moved on to the next chapter of their lives they are obligated to keep everything exactly how it was including childhood memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Parents feel guilt when they want to change the space to an area in their home they can enjoy.

When the kids leave they generally leave behind what they don’t want. It is up to you to purge and refresh the space and make it a place both you and your adult child will enjoy.

Purge, Sort and Label Memorabilia

Invest in clear containers, purge items that you no longer need, sort what you are keeping and label the container so you will know what you have.

Update the Room With a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint will make the space feel new and even your adult child will appreciate a bit of sprucing.

Purge the Closet and Use the Space as Extra Storage

Remove everything out of the closet and only put back what your child will need and utilize when they are home. Use the remainder of the space to store travel items or off season winter clothing. Make use of the space don’t memorialize it!

Purge the Bathroom and Keep Just the Essential Items

Once they are off to school it is a good time to do a thorough cleaning by removing expired items including medications and keep only the basic essentials they will need when they come home.

Invest in New Linens

If you are going to going to keep the room as a bedroom invest in new linens in a neutral color. You can add a desk and utilize the space as a small home office.

Instead of looking at this time in your life as empty look at it as a new beginning. Take the time to purge and make the necessary changes for yourself and your home.


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