The Power Of A Post-it Note

Everyone in my family knows I have a major LOVE of Post-it Notes. I own them in all different colors and shapes. I use them everyday for various reasons. I write notes to myself and leave them on the kitchen counter. I keep them in my car for quick notes and reminders.

I put a Post-it on the back door so I did not forget to pick up the prom boutonniere for my daughter which I did one year and that is why the Post-it Note has become an important part of my life.

IMG_0663post itIMG_0666IMG_0664IMG_0671I know there is technology for all of this but nothing means more to me than waking up to a Post-it Note from my daughter that says I love you mom or an unexpected note from my husband. They are not long letters just a little note to let you know someone is thinking of you.


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