The Art Of Unpacking

I just returned from vacation well rested and ready to get back to work.  What a better way to get back to reality than today’s blog…”the art of unpacking”.

So many people talk about the art of packing but I think there is an art to unpacking that is simple and stress free.

Do not pass the laundry room with your suitcase. No matter what!

Empty all dirty clothes into a laundry basket. If you don’t have the time to do a weeks worth of laundry take it to a laundromat and they will do it for you. It may sound like a luxury but so many people get overwhelmed with laundry and then it just keeps piling up.

Take remaining clean clothes and toiletries and put them in your bedroom and bathroom.

I have so many client’s especially ones that travel for business and if they do not put their clothes away within 48 hours of coming home stacks of clothes begin forming all over their room and that is when they get overwhelmed.

Put dry cleaning  immediately in a dry cleaning bag. If you do not have one get one from your dry cleaner.

This one step keeps clutter from forming. Once it is filled put it near the back door so you do not forget to put it in your car.

Unpack and repack toiletries so you are ready and organized the next time you travel.

Make a list of items you are out of and need restocked. It will save you from last minute running around before your next trip.

Put your suitcase away!!

Suitcases can become an eyesore and stressful to look at after a couple of days especially if they are still filled with clothes.

These simple tips will make coming home less stressful.

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