Garment Racks Are Not Just For Clothing Stores


Summer is the perfect time of year to refresh your wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted clothing, shoes, purses and bathing suits is when you are packing for a vacation. How many times have you pulled out clothes to pack for your vacation and you try them on and you think to yourself “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this, let alone wearing it on vacation” but the clothes always end up back in your closet.

An easy way to organize your closet and pack at the same time is to invest in a garment rack. Garment racks use to be just for retail but not anymore. Garment racks are perfect for small spaces that have inadequate closet space or to help you organize your clothes through the change of seasons. They are also collapsible so when you are done using it just slide it under the bed.


When you are packing for your vacation take all items out of your closet that you want to pack and hang them on the rack. It is easier to put outfits together and weed out all the items you do not want to keep when the clothes are more visible and not jammed in with other clothing.s0453469_sc7tag

Use tags to label clothes for special events or each day of your vacation.


I know most people do not find packing enjoyable but focus on your destination while you are packing and it makes packing a whole lot easier.

Enjoy your trip!


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