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This weeks question comes from Liz N.

“I like having baking supplies around in case I get into the mood to bake but I have acquired a variety of sprinkles, cookie cutters, paper liners and candy toppings that are taking up valuable space in my pantry. How would you suggest I organize my baking supplies?”

Cabinet Binz are the perfect solution for baking supplies. Each stackable bin features a convenient handle which makes it easy to carry or move around. You will find them useful for storing many other items in and around your home.

cabinet binz BBBThis Smith and Hawken basket not only looks good sitting on a shelf but has the advantage of two small built-in chalk board labels. The erasable labels make it easy to use over and over again.


If you want covered storage, a tote with a lid is the answer. This one is easy to carry and simple to store in any

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