Simple Solutions To Organize Any Holiday

Red White & Blue 3Every year you pull out boxes and bins of mismatched holiday items. Halloween is thrown in with Thanksgiving and you spend a great amount of time and frustration sorting through each box looking for exactly what you need.

DSCN1646Now that another holiday has passed start keeping your holiday decorations organized with these three easy steps.

-Use clear containers. If you cannot see what you have you will buy more of the same item. Out of sight really does mean out of mind.

-Label, Label, Label. This one step is essential when it comes to saving time. Think about much time you spend looking for things? Especially during the holidays.

-Do not put off packing away items after a holiday. If you procrastinate piles will  form and what you originally set out to do never happens. 

DSCN1647These simple steps are inexpensive and will keep all your holiday decorations neat, organized and ready for the following year.

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