Sentimental Clutter And How To Part With It

IMG_0838_FotorToday I am going to talk about the hardest clutter to clear out of your home…sentimental clutter.

Everybody has it and it’s the hardest to part with. These “things” all bring back memories of your childhood, college years, before you were married, the big game or a special concert. Whatever the scenario everyone has their own story on why they are holding onto things from their past.

This blog is not about getting rid of everything that has meaning to you but it’s about picking and choosing what is really important to keep.

The main question you have to ask yourself “how much space is the sentimental clutter taking up in your home?”

If you are taking up valuable closet space for sentimental clutter it’s time to reevaluate how much you really need.

If it’s something you really love display it. Frame those important tickets or a card someone wrote to you that is special.

Keep a memorabilia box for all of your sentimental items. You can read a previous blog on that here.

Do your research on the items you own and find out their value. If you do not love it sell it.

Don’t rush when going through a box of sentimental items. Take the time to really figure out what is important at this stage of your life.

Most of my client’s think because I am an organizer I don’t understand sentimental clutter. They figure I throw everything out and that’s when I show them these two pictures.


The first one is my original Donny Osmond album from 1970. It has traveled with me through countless moves in my life with the hopes one day I would get to meet my teen idol in person and get him to sign it.


Fast forward to my 50th birthday in Las Vegas. I finally had my moment to not only meet Donny Osmond but he also signed my album.

This may not have been important to anyone else but it was important to me. It was my memory.

That is how you determine what to keep and what you have to let go. Keeping everything will only lead to clutter which leads to stress.

What is really important to you?

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