Rid Yourself of Sentimental Clutter


Eden Kendall with River City Live TV asked me to join her during Get Organized Month and share some tips on how to clear the clutter. This segment is on my most requested topic how to get rid of  Sentimental Clutter.

It’s the number one type of clutter I see and the hardest to let go because most of the items have been inherited by parents or relatives.

I always ask that one important question “is this something that is special to you? and I usually get the same reply “no but it was my parents, and I can’t get rid of that.”

Many people inherit items from relatives that they don’t like or want but they still feel the need to keep it.

Things you inherit should not become more stress for you and your family.

Just because something was given to you does not mean you have to keep it.

Many people also hold onto items that they thought would be worth a lot of money one day only to find out they are worth nothing.

If you want to remember an item that was given to you but you no longer want, take a picture of it and then donate or sell it.

Keeping boxes of unwanted items not only is a breeding ground for mildew, dust and unwanted creatures but also takes up valuable living space that you could be enjoying. Remember your home is not a storage unit!

January is a time for new beginnings and a time to get motivated to make changes in the new year.

As the month comes to a close I hope I have motivated a few people to begin the journey of clearing the clutter.

It will make your life simpler and less stressful so don’t give up the battle.

Make it a goal in 2016 to clear the Sentimental Clutter.


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