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I am one of those people who enjoys waiting in the grocery store check out line so I can glance through the magazines and get all the latest celebrity fashion and gossip. I was so excited to see O magazine has dedicated their March issue to getting rid of the clutter in your life. I watch the OWN network occasionally but since The Oprah Show went off the air O magazine allows me to still get my Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, and especially Peter Walsh fix. There were so many helpful tips and great information in this issue it was hard to pick just one thing to share. So I picked the one many of us are guilty of.

201303-omag-pantry-paredown-600x250Banish “Aspirational” Foods

The sun-dried tomato tapenade you planned to serve at the dinner party you didn’t get around to hosting? The hearty, dry-bean soup mix with instructions that sound like a drag? “Let it go,” says Walsh. “Anything you don’t use regularly, or have immediate plans to use, is in danger of being wasted.” Pack all edible nonperishables into a box marked “donate” and drop it off at a local food bank. Visit to find a soup kitchen or food bank near you.

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