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“I was born organized!” crows Beverly Hills Real Housewife Yolanda Foster to US magazine. “I was born organized. There’s just something in my brain … I have a huge need to be organized,” she continues. “For me, when there’s no clutter, it gives me energy to create new things.”

When I ran across this older article on from February 2013 I had to blog about it. You are probably wondering why but if anyone follows the RH of Beverly Hills (which I admit is my guilty pleasure) knows that in the past couple of years Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

I think being organized helps immensely when you have to be your own healthcare advocate or someone else’s. Scheduling doctors appointments, dealing with insurance companies, organizing multiple medications, and staying on top of the latest treatments all take good organizational skills.

It takes determination and the ability to not accept “no” as an answer.

I follow her on Instagram and I feel if anyone can beat this disease it is her.

She refuses to give up and I admire her spirit.

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