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I just got back from a family vacation in Los Angeles for my younger daughter’s Spring Break. We went to visit my older daughter who now lives in LA and works in TV production. The food was great, shopping was amazing and we even had a few celebrity sightings which always makes any vacation better. The most memorable part of my vacation was going to the CBS studios to be in the live studio audience for the Talking Dead which is the after show of the Walking Dead. You are probably thinking why would this fifty something year old mom even care about this let alone have it be the best part of her vacation.


Well let me explain a little further. When you walk into the CBS studios the first thing they ask you to do is to give up your cell phones. They do not want anyone to spoil the outcome of the show by tweeting or texting before the show airs on the East coast. My kids both looked at me, even though they are not young kids anymore, with that familiar kid face that says “mom do something!”

Secretly, I was so excited to have the undivided attention of my family for a few hours that I could barely contain myself. They lined us up on benches where we waited before they took us inside to screen the show. My one daughter said she felt like she was having phone withdrawals. I looked at her and said it has been five minutes. They looked like lost souls. I started making small talk and then suddenly we were not only having conversation with each other but also with the people around us. You do not realize how much you ignore not just your own family but the people around you now that social media has become a major part of our lives.

We watched the screening of a whole TV show together in a large group without someone texting or tweeting during the show. We critiqued the show and talked to the people next to us about the show. We laughed and reminisced. The girls talked to each other more in those few hours than they had in the last six months. It brought back memories of the days when people made eye contact and listened to what your saying without looking down and being distracted. Not once did they Snap Chat, Vine, Tweet or Instagram and the world was still standing four hours later.

As we walked to the exit to reclaim our cell phones I was so glad we had that uninteruppted time together. They got their phones back and were immediately texting and Instagraming  as we were walking through the parking lot to get to the car. Life went quickly back to normal.

I realize that technology is here to stay but for a few hours we were able to experience life the way it use to be and I have to say, it really was the best part of my vacation.

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