Do You Think Less Is More?

I had the pleasure last Saturday afternoon to go hear Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus also know as “The Minimalists” talk about their new book Everything That Remains. They spoke at an independently owned old bookstore downtown. I am all for supporting local independant businesses so I overlooked the overstuffed shelves of paperbacks and hardcovers that were stacked all the way to the ceiling. I actually felt overwhelmed standing against all of these old books waiting to hear two guys speak on a Minimalist lifestyle.

There was a small area within the bookshelves that had a table and as I approached everyone was sitting on the floor or leaning against the bookshelves. I chose to stand and every time I moved I either knocked over a book or stepped on someones’s fingers but the atmosphere became secondary when the these two guys came off the elevator and greeted the crowd.  There was a certain charisma about them and then when they spoke it was if you were sitting in your living room with a couple of friends. Joshua read excerpts from the book and Ryan told his story of how he discovered the minimalist lifestyle. I loved hearing their honesty and when they talk about a meaningful life without all the stuff they really believe it and that is how they have become so successful.

We all think the dream means acquiring more things but when it comes down to it is it the things or the people in your life that you will miss the most?



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