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A cluttered kitchen counter can dictate your mood for the whole day. Stacks of unpaid bills, old newspapers, unopened mail, kids school work all cause aniexty and stress if left on the kitchen counter. You get overwhelmed so you just leave it sitting there and the stacks get higher and the anxiety gets worse. Kitchen counters are meant for preparing food, cooking and appliances that are used everyday. These are my top five items that should be out on a kitchen counter top.

1) Coffee Pot

2) Toaster

3) Pot to hold utensils

4) Tray for salt, pepper, oils and frequently used spices

5) Paper towel

Everything else should have a place to be stored and pulled out when you need to use it.

Clearing kitchen counter clutter is a great place to start to motivate your self. When you see the instant results you will want to move on to another small area of your house. Small changes make such a huge impact on your overall attitude and well being.

Start small but start today!



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