Is Your Past Interfering With The Present?




IMG_1681The biggest part of my job is getting people to part with items that are taking up valuable space in their homes. They no longer need them or use them but parting with them is so difficult.

These are just a few items that we found this week when clearing the clutter in a client’s home. They represent the length of time things are kept and stored simply because parting with them is like parting with a piece of the past.

It’s always helpful to have someone there when you are taking on the task of clearing clutter.  They are more objective and will give you an honest opinion on why keeping The OC Game that you never opened since the 90’s needs to go.

Saving an item because it might be worth something is just another excuse to keep clutter!

I love my job because although it may be tough letting go of some items my clients feel relieved of stress once they are gone.

This job was definitely a stroll down memory lane.


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