Is Clutter A Problem In Your Relationship?

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Is clutter causing problems in your relationship? Do you blame him for all of his junk in the garage or does he say you have too many shoes? I know shoes may not correlate to a garage but the tension that it creates does.

I hear both sides of the argument when I am working with clients. Clutter causes anger and resentment in relationships.

After I complete a job I can not tell you how many happy husbands and wives I have.

No one wants to live in a house full of clutter. It can cause one person to blame the other for their unsatisfied home life.

Here are a few suggestions to initiate change.

Sit down without anger and discuss how the clutter makes you feel and what you are willing to do to help fix the problem.

Maybe she is overwhelmed with the kids and doesn’t have time to take on anything else.

Take the kids for the day or hire a babysitter so both of you can spend time together going through the things that need attention.

Hire a professional organizer to give a new prospective and help mediate the process of clearing the clutter.

It always helps to have an unbiased professional talk to the person who has a hard time parting with what you would consider clutter. Your spouse may not listen to you but they will generally listen to someone else.

This weekend choose one area of your home that is the biggest problem and make an effort to clear the clutter. Once you see and feel the change it will motivate you both to tackle another area in your home.

It is important to have a place to come home to that provides a sense of peace and calm.

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