How Celebrities Stay Organized//Niki Taylor

Nicki Taylor is one of the famous faces of the 90’s supermodels. She has had her share of tragedy in her life but has come out the other side. She’s a busy Mom with four kids who just recently downsized into a smaller home. Nicki Taylor has confirmed everything I believe to be true about downsizing.House Beautifulhbx-niki-taylor-photo-de-medium_new“We finally sold the house last year, and it’s been incredible to downsize because there’s just less stuff to take care of. There’s been a purging of things, and it was great to get rid of and give things away during the downsizing process. The new house is way easier to take care of, and I’m the maid, so I take care of everything. Now we have cleaner lines, and everything is a lot tidier overall.”

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