IMG_0141IMG_0145Their small, cute, and they are free. I am talking about hotel minatures. Are you one of those people who has a secret stash of hotel toiletry bottles you have kept from your travels? Most people say they don’t have enough space when I am decluttering a bathroom but it is usually never about space it’s what is taking up the space.

My most recent client was using an entire drawer and utilizing space under the sink for hotel miniature bottles. When we corralled them all together we had a bag full to donate and gained a whole drawer.

If it’s a travel size brand that you regularly use keep them in a zip lock bag or a container as for the rest…

Replenish your toiletry bag for your next vacation.

Put a few in your guest bathroom for your guests to enjoy.

DONATE them to a homeless shelter. They will appreciate them.

To prevent future clutter in your bathroom use them when you travel but resist the urge to take them home.

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