Holiday Storage Favorites From Walmart

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I sometimes get strange looks from people when I tell them I take down my decorations on the 26th. It has become a routine that starts with the inside and within a day or two I tackle the outside and this year was no exception!

When you are putting away holiday decorations start by purging what is broken and items you no longer use. It makes room for the things you love and will use year after year. Having the right containers to store your holiday decorations is the next essential step to staying organized. I often say you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get organized and these favorites from Walmart will get you organized without breaking the bank!

Faux Christmas trees have grown in popularity so I like to give a few different options to store them so they look great when you pull them out each year. Make sure you measure before you buy because they come in multiple sizes.

Storing ornaments is an individual preference. You can store by room, types of items or by color. I choose a color scheme every year so I like to sort by color so it makes it easy to see what I already own. There is no right or wrong as long as they are contained and organized to make it easy the following year.

We have all bought Christmas wrap that was never used and after the holidays are over it gets thrown in a closet. Keep it stored in a gift wrap container so it will be in great shape and ready for next year.

Untangling string lights is something everyone dreads and we usually throw in the towel and they go in the garbage. Keeping lights organized and contained prevents buying new every year which saves money.

I love to hang wreaths inside and out during the holidays and keeping them organized and free of dust is simple with these storage bags.  Inexpensive and easy to use is a great combination!

Once you have everything in containers don’t forget to label so you know what is inside. This label is a favorite because they are self-adhesive and erasable.

It may be a bit of work to purge and organize your holiday decorations on the front end but next year when you are able to find everything and see what you own, you will thank me!


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