HELP My Adult Kids Don’t Want Anything!

IMG_1374When helping client’s downsize one of the most common things I hear is “I saved this because I thought my kids would want it and they don’t want anything.” 

Don’t make your clutter become clutter and stress for your adult children. Ask once and then let it go. Keeping your house full of items with the hope that your children or grandchildren will want something one day is not living in the present.

It’s fine to keep family heirlooms that will be passed down to another generation but saving toys and other memorabilia is taking up valuable space in your home.

  • Box and label adult children’s memorabilia that you have been storing.
  • If you haven’t been able to part with your child’s favorite doll or toy take a picture and then let it go.
  • Corral all the photos you have in your house into one area and separate them into categories. Label and put them in photo boxes.

Your home should not become a storage unit. It should be a place that you enjoy coming home to at the end of the day free of clutter and stress.

This weekend look in your garage, attic, closets and write down all of the items that you would like to get rid of and you will see how much extra space you will gain from clearing the clutter.

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