Gift Wrap Organization 101

Now that most of your holiday shopping is done it’s time to start thinking about wrapping the gifts. Being organized makes gift wrapping a simple, stress-free task. There is plenty of time to purge and organize your gift wrap and be the first one with gifts under the tree. 

PURGE  Get rid of items that are in bad shape from last year ex: smashed bows, pieces of torn gift wrap and items you no longer want or use. Make a list of what you need and only buy what you need.

SORT AND CONTAIN Use containers to sort frequently used items like bows, bags, tags, scissors and tape. Don’t forget to label the containers it will save you time when you are on the search for a card or gift bag at the last minute.

KEEP ALL GIFT WRAP TOGETHER  Choose an area in your home to keep all gift wrap items. Giving gifts is something that is done all year long so keeping it accessible and organized makes gift wrap quick and easy.

Boxes : Labels : Containers

 Image 1 & 2 by Julie Ryan Photography 

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