How do I get my husband to clean up after himself?

One question I get asked from most of my women clients is “how do I get my husband to clean up after himself?” I feel I am somewhat of an expert on this subject not just because I am a professional organizer but I have also been married for 25 years and I think I have finally gained insight into the mind of a man.

58cb6d71afbd5c9535b46257afbf284chusband1. Do not overwhelm them. Men do not think like women and they are generally not great at multi tasking. Give them one job to do and they will do it and do it well. Give them many jobs and you will get half of them done and done half well.

2. Do not have unrealistic expectations. If the biggest game of the year is on TV do not get disappointed when you ask them to clean out the garage and they look at you like you are an alien from outer space.

3. Do not make demands. You will accomplish nothing. Attitude is everything when it comes to talking to a man about helping around the house. It is all in the presentation.

cl6_largemen4. Give them a space in the house that is all their own. That means stay out! You are not allowed to go in their drawers and try to make the space how you would want it to look. You will be surprised how well they keep it when it is just their space.

5. Do not think they will EVER love to clean out their bathroom drawer without being reminded. They do it because they know it will make you happy. They would much rather be playing golf, tennis, surfing, basketball or watching any sport on TV. Organizing a sock drawer will never be on their priority list.

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