Finding Your Style: New Year’s Eve

Denim outfit - v1 blkI’ve put together a New Year’s Eve outfit and a few beauty tips to share with you. This dress is great to wear with or without opaque tights. It has just enough sparkle (for any age) without going over the top. I have talked about the importance of Spanx in a previous post and this style of Spanx is one of my favorites. It works really well under any dress. And I love these booties. They are so versatile and more importantly comfortable. You can dress them up or wear them with your favorite pair of jeans. A simple sparkle wrap bracelet finishes this outfit.

Tan Towels are a must if you want that just-back-from-the-Caribbean tan without the sun damage to your skin. I use them the night before a party, and if I want a darker tan, I use one again the next morning. This leads me to my next pre-party must: RCK Body Glow. I have only been able to find it online and once you use this, you will never use anything else. A well-known celebrity favorite, this lotion is great for concealing skin imperfections, balancing skin tone, and is fantastic for both the body and face. After a long holiday season, concealer is probably your new best friend. Laura Mercier is known for her concealers and her Secret concealer is one of my favorites. It is moisturizing so it does not show fine lines and wrinkles—something we all value!

My last tip for looking your very best on a special night out is a great blow out. Nothing makes a women feel more confident than feeling good about her hair.

Happy New Year and resolve to take care of yourself in this new year!

dress  .  shoes  .  bracelet  .  concealer  .  spanx  .  shimmer lotion  .  tan towels

Dress, shoes, jewelry provided by Jaffi’s, make up by Kimtasha, hair styled by Ten Salon, photography by Mario Peralta

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