Do You Have Guilty Clutter?

guilt clutterOne reason I often hear as to why people keep things they don’t need or want is out of guilt.

These are some examples that may sound familiar.

You bought a new top and every time you put it on you don’t like how it makes you look or feel when you wear it.
Instead of donating or consigning the item you feel guilty because you paid a lot for the top and so you keep it in your closet.

You bought an inexpensive shelf for your garage but it didn’t fit right and you never took it back.
Instead of giving it to someone, selling or donating it you keep it because you feel guilty. You tell yourself you should have measured and your minor mistake becomes clutter.

A relative or friend gave you a gift that you don’t like and will never use.
You throw it in a drawer or closet because the thought of getting rid of it makes you feel guilty, and it becomes clutter.

Those are just a few examples of how guilt plays a major role in dealing with clutter. Holding onto something out of guilt only leads to more clutter and it becomes a vicious cycle.

How do you resolve this problem? Keep only what you love, need and will use.

If you get rid of the guilt that you are attaching to these items you will get rid of the clutter in home and in your life.


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  1. Natalie wrote:

    Completely agree! We made a conscious decision to live in a smaller home and de clutter. We still have two
    Major trouble areas in the office and garage, so they are next on the list!

    Posted 4.8.15 Reply