IMG_0058I just got back from my 30 year college reunion with some of my sorority sisters and although I was in vacation mode I was more than happy to help when one of the girls asked me to help her organize her purse. She said it was too heavy and she couldn’t find anything in it.

Something as simple as an unorganized purse can cause stress and waste valuable time. If you are constantly searching for something or have that fear that you have lost your wallet or your keys, spend a few minutes a week clearing the clutter from your purse. Start with these simple steps.

  • Empty the entire contents of your purse. Make sure it’s next to a garbage can, you will be amazed how much you get rid of.
  • Only put back what you use on a regular basis. Remember your purse is not luggage.
  • Gather all receipts and business cards and take them out of your purse weekly. File or scan what you need and shred the rest.
  • Have one make up bag and keep all make up in it. Lip gloss wandering around a purse is not a pretty site after a couple of weeks.
  • Throw out old medications, straws, expired coupons, broken pens, empty Purell bottles, and any other unused items.
  • Gather all of your loose change and put it in a ziploc bag. When the bag is full empty it into one of those coin machines at the grocery store.

Make sure you purchase the right purse for your lifestyle. Bags with inside zippered compartments help keep your bag from becoming a bottomless pit.

Keeping like things together works even when it comes to organizing a purse.

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