Clear The Clutter On Your Night Stands

The place in your home that should be the most peaceful and free of clutter is the bedroom. The first thing you see when you walk into a bedroom besides the bed is the nightstands. Today I am going to talk about the simple steps to declutter your nightstands.

Start by removing everything on the inside as well as the outside. I mean EVERYTHING.

Keep only what you need and use when you are in bed.

Examples on what should be in nightstand drawer are eye glasses, eye drops, chapstick, headphones, phone chargers, pad, pen and your favorite book.


Have a place for everything. Buy drawer inserts to keep items organized. Use a tray to keep your glasses organized.

Keep it simple on top of your nightstand to avoid clutter. Make your bedroom a place you cannot wait to come home to at the end of a long day.

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