Clear The Candle Clutter

The holidays are around the corner and today’s video is how to clear the candle clutter with Laura Morey from Simple Solutions Diva. 

Laura shared her love of candles and as you will see in the video too much of anything can become clutter.

Candles are meant to bring ambience into a room whether for holiday parties or in everyday life. When you keep adding and never subtract like anything else candles become clutter.

Gather all your candles in one area. That includes votives, candle sticks, candle holders and matches.

Donate candles that you don’t like or never use.

Throw away candles that are damaged, have no wick or are just in bad shape.

Use the candles you have before you purchase more.

Keep it Simple. Displaying too many in one area not only looks cluttered but tends to look like a shrine.


I hope these simple tips motivate you to clear the candle clutter.



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