03f955df2b0005e33d2b8adedda9b26dI will soon be leaving on my first trip to Italy for a much needed vacation. While I am gone here are some of my favorite blogs that I thought you would enjoy.

If you are looking for make up tips and how-to videos make up artist Lisa Eldridge is one of the best.

Another one of my favorites is Savor Home. This blog gives you recipes, fashion, decorating and much more.

Are you looking to get in shape or start a new at home work out? Fit Sugar is the perfect daily read for healthy eating and and staying in shape.

I live at the beach so I love reading blogs about coastal living. The blog Coastal Style has a little bit of everything for the beach obsessed.

I stumbled upon Molly Sims the actress’s blog and now I read it everyday. It is an easy read blog with tips on health, beauty and life in general.

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