A Mother’s Lesson Learned

I read this Ann Landers many years ago when my kids were young. I put it on my bulletin board to remind me whenever I was really tired or overwhelmed with being a Mom how quickly time passes.

I have a daughter graduating from high school next week and from an older mother to all of the young mothers my one bit of advice would be to cherish every moment of parenthood. When my daughter had colic I would think if I can just get through this I will enjoy the next phase and the reality is every phase comes with sleepless nights and some amount of frustration.

Just when you think you have it all figured out you hit the teenage years. They can be stressful but watching them fall in love for the first time or the big smile on their face when they get their drivers license makes it all worth while.

For some reason the high school years come and go the quickest. They seem to not need you as much and start to become very independent. It is suppose to prepare you for when they leave to go off to college, but nothing prepares you for that moment. Only time helps heal that void.

Live in the present and enjoy every moment, the lessons you will learn from them will be invaluable.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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