Want To Make A Small Change With Big Impact?





Changing your closet door is a simple solution that can transform a room. My number one choice would be a mirrored door.

  • They make a room appear larger
  • Double as a full length mirror
  • Bring reflective light into a room
  • They look better than a basic bifold or closet door

There are so many different types of mirrored doors to choose from. You can get creative or keep it simple. If you are replacing a door make sure to measure because you might have to make some minor adjustments.

You can also add a full length mirror on the inside of a door pictured above if you are not ready to commit to a total redo.

Changing your closet doors can be simple but with a big impact.

Images via Neatly Designed | Decor Pad | Decor Pad | Little Green Notebook

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