Simplify Your Shelves With These Easy Steps

It’s Get Organized Month and I teamed up with Laura Morey from Simple Solutions Diva to clear the shelf clutter.

Here are some simple tips to get you started.

1. Remove everything off the shelves. Yes EVERYTHING!!!

2. Take all the photos out of the frames and set aside the ones you want to keep displayed.

3. Decide on a color scheme for the frames. They don’t have to be identical frames but stick with one color (ex:gold, silver, brown).

4. Shop your house!!! Grab frames and other items that you love from around your house.

5. Adjust shelving to fit your needs.

6. Donate frames you no longer want to keep.

7. Put photos you want to keep but don’t want to display in labeled containers (future blog post coming soon).



IMG_3185 (1)

Remember less is more when it comes to displaying frames and other items on your shelves.

Display only what you love and want to see when you walk in a room.

Simplify in 2016!

Prepare For The Worst In Case It Happens


As an organizer part of my job is helping people whose family members are sick or a spouse or family member who has passed away.

Death and dying are suppose to be a natural progression but it never makes it easier when someone you love is gone.

This blog post is on the one topic no one likes to talk about preparing for the worst before it happens.

Whether I am organizing a client’s office or speaking to organizations I always stress the importance of having your documents filed, labeled and easily assessable. If you have to search for an important paper during a stressful situation it can make a bad time even worse.

You may know where things are but in case of an emergency can someone else find them?

These files should be organized and labeled clearly whether it is on your computer or in a file cabinet.

  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Passwords To All of Your Accounts (Including Social Media)
  • Real Estate Documents (mortgage and properties you own)
  • Automobile Titles and Insurance
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Social Security Number
  • Financial Documents (Banking and Investments)
  • Divorce and Marriage License

Take the time this weekend to organize these important papers. You never know when you will need them but it will be reassuring to you and those around you to know they can be easily found.

For more information:

Wall Street Journal

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Organizing Find Of The Week (1)

I have been trying to decide lately if I want to return to a paper calendar. One reason I haven’t is because I could not find one that fits all my needs. I think the search may be over.

This Week’s Find is the Simplified Planner from Emily Ley. It’s smaller than the original so it can fit in a purse and a new page design that is easy to use and read. The assortment of accessories are an added bonus to an already great design.

Can’t wait to order my new planner and get back to a paper…how I have missed you!

Images via Emily Ley