Make Better Use Of Your Cabinet Space

One way to make the most use of the space on your shelves and in your cabinets is to be able to see everything. When you can see what you have it prevents over buying and clutter.

Here is a simple solution to  this problem. Install pull out drawers inside your cabinets and shelves. These drawers will keep bathrooms, kitchens, pantries and closets organized.

IMG_1064 can purchase them at any home improvement store and install them yourself or there are companies like Shelf Genie that will come and install them for you.

A simple change can make a big difference on getting organized and staying organized.

Image credit: Decor Pad / Neatly Designed / Kathryn Scott Design / BHG / Shelf Genie

Before & After Pantry

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Bed Bath Beyond


Bed Bath Beyond


One of the easiest places to start to get organized is the pantry. This client’s project took very little time with very big results.

The first step to any organizing process is to purge. Remove expired food and any item that you intended to use but never did. I won’t give examples on this because we all have those items.

Do not buy anything until the purging process is over and you see what you have left. Measure the shelving and only purchase what you need.

Group like things together. Clear containers allow for easy access to food items. Group kids snacks, baking supplies, pastas and all the ingredients for your morning protein shake. It not only looks organized but will make your life easier and more efficient. When you can see what you have you will not over buy which will save you money. Baskets work best on lower shelves for paper products and larger items.

I hope today’s before and after inspires you to tackle an organizing project in your home.