Simplify Your Kitchen With These 5 Easy Tips


Kitchen drawers can become cluttered quickly if not purged often. When working with clients to clear the clutter in the kitchen the first place I start is to remove everything out of the drawers and cabinets, yes EVERYTHING! It is the easiest way to finally let go of kitchen clutter. Get rid of items you don’t use or need, pair down multiples of utensils, get rid of broken items and if you don’t have a place to store it let it go. Do you use all of those cookbooks? Do you often wish you had a bigger kitchen? It is never about enough space it is about having too many things that are never used. Simplifying is the hardest part of any project but so well worth it!


The next step is to look at the space in the kitchen now that you have purged. You will be surprised how much extra storage you have once you let go of the things you don’t need. I usually rework the entire kitchen so that it runs smooth and efficiently. Are you using the drawer space properly? Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to look at the kitchen and talk through want you want to achieve.


This is important not only for the obvious reasons but it prevents mismatched items and unwanted containers that don’t get returned and become more clutter and frustration. Measure first then buy what you need.


I always make lists when working on any project. Keeping a list helps to keep track of what you need and also allows you to check off items as you purchase them.


I always add drawer inserts to prevent clutter and keep drawers neat and organized. It not only allows you to have a space for everything but prevents a mess from reoccurring. If there isn’t a place for an item the drawers become cluttered and unorganized.
Drawer insertsare always an important part of an organized kitchen.


I know you have heard me say this before but its worth repeating keeping like things together prevents clutter and overbuying items you already own. No more searching the house for one thing and only to find something else you had been looking for last week. “I was looking for that” is one thing I hear the most when helping clients purge and organize. Kitchens run more efficiently when like items are kept together.

For more tips on simplifying and organizing your kitchen watch my latest segment on River City Live by clicking videos at the top of the page.

Simple Tips To Organize The Junk Drawer


junk drawer


So excited to be back on River City Live this week with Mark Peyton.

In this segment we tackled the junk drawer.

These simple tips will not only organize the drawer but will help you keep it that way.

Click the link below to see the step by step video and get started today!

Simple Tips To Organize The Junk Drawer

1. Clear The Clutter 

2. Remove What Does Not Belong In The Drawer

3. Invest In A Drawer Organizer

4. Fill The Drawer With Everyday Essentials 

5 Tips To Gain More Space In Your Kitchen

This weeks before and after started as a simple pantry makeover.

I realized in order to have the outcome my client was looking for the whole kitchen needed to be decluttered and reorganized.

These are five simple steps to an organized kitchen.

1. Clear the Clutter. Get rid of things you no longer need or use. You will be amazed how much extra space you will gain by this first step.

2. Clean the area before putting items back in the cabinets. If you want the area to look like new cleaning EVERYTHING before you put items back is important.

3. Group like things together. Think by categories snacks, pastas, soups or baking.  It will make meal prep easier and prevents over buying which saves money!

4. Remove what does not belong in a kitchen. Hammer, nails, lightbulbs etc. are taking up valuable space in a kitchen. Move to a laundry room or a garage.

5. Make a list of what needs to be repaired and fix it. A broken shelf, pantry door that won’t close or a lazy susan that doesn’t turn are reasons your kitchen is not functioning properly.

his is the junk drawer before.

Junk drawer after clearing the clutter.


Use the inside of the Pantry Door for storage.

IMG_4447Labeling containers keeps a pantry organized.

IMG_4421Keep like items together to prevent overbuying.


Cabinet Turntables provide easy access in cabinets and pantries.

Organizing a kitchen is a worthwhile project to tackle. The kitchen they say is the hub of the home so it should be organized and functional to make your life run smoothly.

Take the time to clear the kitchen clutter and start enjoying your new organized space.

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