Holiday Storage Favorites From Walmart

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I sometimes get strange looks from people when I tell them I take down my decorations on the 26th. It has become a routine that starts with the inside and within a day or two I tackle the outside and this year was no exception!

When you are putting away holiday decorations start by purging what is broken and items you no longer use. It makes room for the things you love and will use year after year. Having the right containers to store your holiday decorations is the next essential step to staying organized. I often say you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get organized and these favorites from Walmart will get you organized without breaking the bank!

Faux Christmas trees have grown in popularity so I like to give a few different options to store them so they look great when you pull them out each year. Make sure you measure before you buy because they come in multiple sizes.

Storing ornaments is an individual preference. You can store by room, types of items or by color. I choose a color scheme every year so I like to sort by color so it makes it easy to see what I already own. There is no right or wrong as long as they are contained and organized to make it easy the following year.

We have all bought Christmas wrap that was never used and after the holidays are over it gets thrown in a closet. Keep it stored in a gift wrap container so it will be in great shape and ready for next year.

Untangling string lights is something everyone dreads and we usually throw in the towel and they go in the garbage. Keeping lights organized and contained prevents buying new every year which saves money.

I love to hang wreaths inside and out during the holidays and keeping them organized and free of dust is simple with these storage bags.  Inexpensive and easy to use is a great combination!

Once you have everything in containers don’t forget to label so you know what is inside. This label is a favorite because they are self-adhesive and erasable.

It may be a bit of work to purge and organize your holiday decorations on the front end but next year when you are able to find everything and see what you own, you will thank me!


Kitchen Storage Favorites at Walmart

1. Lidded Glass Jars  The options are endless on what you can store in these jars. I use them for coffee, flour, sugar and keep them on the counter but they would look great in a pantry too! They come in many different sizes and these labels add the finishing touch!

2. White Ceramic Canister Set 4 piece This inexpensive canister set is another option to store everyday essentials. Use these chalkboard labels and personalize what is being stored.

3. iDesign Pantry Organizer These are a favorite to keep food items organized in a cabinet or refrigerator and they have a handle to make it easy to access what you need and slide back in.

4. Mini 4 Ounce Mason Jars (24-pack) These are really great because it can be so hard to find the perfect jar for smaller items. Store spices, oils, powders for tea or arts and crafts. These round clear labels are simple and fit smaller jars perfectly.

5. Ball Glass Wide Mouth Mason Jar Ball Jars are mainly used for canning but these wide mouth jars can be used to store leftover food, arts and crafts, pantry items, spices and they are just so cute!

6. Glass Food Containers (13 piece set) I love using glass storage containers because they can be reused and go in the dishwasher. When you have a big group for the holidays these make storing leftovers a breeze.

7. iDesign Stackable Refrigerator Berry Bin My family is a big fan of all types of berries and these make it easy to clean and store fruits and vegetables. They also keep items fresh longer which is another plus!

8. Glass Meal Prep Containers (3-pack) These are a favorite because they make prepping and storing meals a breeze which will come in handy during the hectic holiday season. These are also glass so they can go in the dishwasher too!

9. Montana Kitchen Canister If you love the farmhouse style these would look great on a kitchen counter or in a pantry. The black lids are modern but with a classic design.

Take advantage of Cyber Monday deals and get your kitchen organized!



Tips to Finally Let Go of Your Storage Unit

Storage units have seen a significant rise in the past decade. Many people own them and pay thousands of dollars a year to keep them even though they don’t know what is in them. They dread going to their unit(s) because they haven’t been there in years and the thought of tackling it is unbearable so they just keep it.

I will start by saying I know that storage units do serve a purpose in some circumstances such as storing items during a renovation, between moves or items that have been inherited. On the other hand, keeping a storage unit for long periods of time is like having a monkey on your back. You always have that nagging feeling that at some point you are going to have to deal with it. You feel guilty because you are paying a lot of money to store items you can’t even remember. You also start to keep it a secret and that is when you know its time to let go! If this all sounds familiar you are not alone. As an organizer, I go to homes to help people purge and organize but many times after we finish I hear “I didn’t tell you about my storage unit or units”. Honestly, it never surprises me because I hear it so often. 

How can you finally break free from your storage unit? Go there! I just heard gasps as I’m writing this. Don’t worry the first visit is to get your ducks in a row and make a game plan. Enlist the help of a local mover or a strong friend so you can see everything including what is in the very back. Take an inventory of what is in the unit by taking photos and making a list of the items you don’t want to keep. Lastly, if you feel you can not tackle this on your own hire a professional organizer to make the process less stressful.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking inside your storage unit.

Do you need an antique dealer to appraise furniture or an art appraiser?

Do you want to sell or consign some of the items? If so where?

Do you need to schedule a donation pickup?

Do you need family members to pick up items?

Do you need a junk removal company?

Do you just need to say goodbye?

The last question is the hardest one of all but once you say goodbye you will never look back. You will feel less stress, save money and only keep the things you need, use and love! Start 2020 with the monkey off your back!