Tips To Simplify and Organize Your Makeup

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Purging and organizing makeup is one of the biggest concerns for most women. There are so many new items that hit the market every week and everyone wants the latest skincare or makeup product. I love to follow beauty bloggers because you can learn so much from them when it comes to applying makeup or seeing what they have tried and liked. The downside which I see from an organizers perspective is what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for all, especially when there is an age difference. I have seen more products purchased because of social media and when it arrives it doesn’t look the same on them and it doesn’t get returned which becomes clutter. Ask for samples or buy a travel size first to see if you like it. Always try before you buy!

This is always the first step when organizing any area in the home and makeup and skincare is no different. Guilt plays a big role when purging makeup and skincare. If you spend money on an item and you don’t get the results you were looking for it tends to go back in a drawer. Start by removing everything out of the drawers and cabinets this allows you to start with a clean slate before you put everything back. If you don’t know how long to keep a makeup item this article will give you the information on what you need to toss. One important tip to save money is to keep the receipt in the original box and if you don’t like it return it! This will free you of the guilt you feel when tossing something you paid a lot of money for. Makeup and skincare become clutter quickly when not purged often.

A big part of staying organized especially with makeup is sorting like items. My clients are often surprised how many duplicates they own when we start to sort makeup. Keeping like items together will save money, space and the time you spend searching for items that are thrown in a drawer. Keep only what you use and let the rest go. Simplifying your daily makeup routine will also simplify your makeup.

Invest in a product that works for your space. As you can see from the photos there are many options. Are you short on drawer space but have room under the sink? Do you have the counter space to keep a container on the counter to display your makeup? Whatever option you choose make sure everything you keep has a place.

When people ask me where to begin the organizing process I always suggest starting in an area that is manageable and attainable. Purging and organizing your makeup and skincare is the perfect place to begin because those are items that are used on a daily basis. Make 2019 the year to simplify!

How Many Makeup Brushes Are Too Many?

IMG_0649Makeup brushes deserve their own post simply because they can quickly become bathroom clutter if they do not have a home of there own. How many do you really need? I don’t think there is an exact number and all your brushes do not have to be the most expensive but everyone needs a few basic good quality brushes.

Purge all makeup brushes you never use or any that are in bad shape.  Keep your brushes in decorative containers that you can leave out for easy access. This will keep your make up routine simple and organized.

8. DSC_7629 - editpinterest1pinterest make upThis post would not be complete without mentioning how important it is to clean your makeup brushes. Beauty guru Bobbi Brown gives a simple step by step on how to clean your makeup brushes in Allure magazine.


Here Is The Secret to a Celebrity Tan


I cannot complain about the winter we have had because I live in Florida and it was cold for us Floridians but mild compared to the rest of the country.

Everyone wants a tan that looks like they just came back from the Caribbean. The sun damage from my youth has forced me to find another way to get that just back from the beach glow.

I have tried every self tanning product on the market and I always go back to the easy to use, streak free Tan Towels.  They work on all skin tones, dry in minutes and produce a natural-looking glow within two to four hours. They are formulated WITHOUT Synthetic Dyes-Petrochemicals-Phthalates-Triclosan.


Exfoliate before applying the Tan Towel so you will get an even tan. I use one in the morning and if I want to be a shade darker I apply another the following morning. Wash your hands after applying. To make your tan last for up to two weeks make sure you  moisturize. To achieve the perfect glow I use RCK body glow. This is secret weapon of many professional make up artists. It covers imperfections such as pigmentation, veins, age spots, stretch marks and wrinkles. Once you use this product you will never want to be without it. It adds that glow to you already tan skin.



Another big plus for using Tan Towels and RCK body glow is they dry very quickly so you don’t have to worry that  you will embarrass yourself when you sit on your friends new white sofa. They are also a big hit at my house with the girls for winter formal and prom.