“Do You Have The Storage Unit Blues?”

huffington post hoardersStorage units have become extremely popular in the past ten years. Not for the obvious reasons which is to store items you will eventually need or use again but just to store JUNK. Paying monthly for a storage unit full of items you will never use again is not only a waste of money but a great deal of stress for many people.

garage-full-of-possessions2-1Many client’s I have worked with have said to me after we have uncluttered their homes, “wait till you see my storage unit.” If you have a storage unit ask yourself if it is really serving a purpose or is it just a place that has become so overloaded with stuff that the thought of going to clean it out makes you break out in hives. If you are really ready to tackle that storage unit here are the top five things you can do that will help make it go a little smoother.

1. Enlist the help of a professional organizer or a friend.

2. Do not try to tackle it all in one day. It will become overwhelming.

3. Call your local charities for donation pick up in advance.

4. Make sure you have a good supply of trash bags and there is a dumpster or garbage bin to dispose of trash.

5. Bring cleaning supplies to keep the dust to a minimum and markers and labels. Label each bag or box keep, trash or donate.

Once you have completed this task you will feel an amazing sense of relief knowing that this overwhelming job is behind you and you are now ready to move on.

Images via TL Roberts//Huffington Post

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